This year Victor will be working in California, Virginia/Maryland, Vienna Austria, Mannheim Germany, and Florence, Italy.

California, USA

Victor has a busy schedule of healing days and workshops in California throughout 2017. Classes are listed on the left, while healing days are on the right.

Upcoming Classes

Upcoming Healing Days

Victor will be on tour in Europe until December, so will not be doing any more private sessions at his center in Whittier, CA until early next year.

California - Coming Up in 2018!

A journey of healing and transformation away from everyday life

at La Jolla Indian Campground in Pauma Valley, California

June 7th-10th, 2018

3 nights/4days $1,550 payment by credit card

Discount for payment by check/cash

Registration is not official until a deposit is made, and attendance is limited to 80 people - so contact Cecilia using the button below to secure your spot ASAP.

Maryland/Virginia, USA

August 8th - August 20th - Victor will be in Maryland/Virginia area giving talks, workshops, healing meditations and private sessions. To register go to For more information contact Robin at 703-594-7029 or at

Vienna, Austria

September 11 – December 11 – Victor is on his European tour having workshops, healing meditations and private sessions (and teaching intermediate and advanced students)

To register for a workshop in Vienna contact Monika  +43 664 1246069 or Kordula +43 699 12278841 or by email  

Mannheim Germany

For Germany information contact Ingrid office +49 621 8321672 cell +49 173 9876935 or by email

Important note: Private sessions are held at Struvestr 11, 68199 Mannheim, while workshops, talks, and meditations are held at Rheingoldhall rheingoldstr 215, 68199, Mannheim

Florence, Italy

For Florence information contact Sabine +39 335 6288804 or by email

Past Events

These are some of the recent events from 2016 and 2017. 


(Unless Otherwise Stated)

Private Session or Phone/Skype Session: $150

Traditional Shamanic Healing Session: $595 for 90-minutes (plus preparation time)

Workshop: $225

Healer Training - Basic Levels 1-4: $596*

Healer Training Level 5: $792*

*There is a special discounted rate for prepaying Healer Training Levels 1-5

Healing Meditation: $35

Spiritual Enlightenment Through The Unfolding Process: $25

Catedra: Donations From The Heart Are Appreciated


Repeat workshop Attendees:

Every time you repeat a course you grow into higher consciousness and gain spiritual strength while receiving the updated changes Victor receives as consciousness is changing every day.