This year Victor will be working in California, Virginia/Maryland, Vienna Austria, Mannheim Germany, and Florence, Italy.

California, USA

Victor has a busy schedule of healing days and workshops in California throughout 2017. Classes are listed on the left, while healing days are on the right.

Upcoming Classes

Upcoming Healing Days

California - Coming Up in 2018!

A journey of healing and transformation away from everyday life

at La Jolla Indian Campground in Pauma Valley, California

June 7th-10th, 2018

3 nights/4days $1,550 payment by credit card

Discount for payment by check/cash

Registration is not official until a deposit is made, and attendance is limited to 80 people - so contact Cecilia using the button below to secure your spot ASAP.

Maryland/Virginia, USA

August 8th - August 20th - Victor will be in Maryland/Virginia area giving talks, workshops, healing meditations and private sessions. To register go to For more information contact Robin at 703-594-7029 or at

Vienna, Austria

September 11 – December 11 – Victor is on his European tour having workshops, healing meditations and private sessions (and teaching intermediate and advanced students)

To register for a workshop in Vienna contact Monika  +43 664 1246069 or Kordula +43 699 12278841 or by email  

Mannheim Germany

For Germany information contact Ingrid office +49 621 8321672 cell +49 173 9876935 or by email

Important note: Private sessions are held at Struvestr 11, 68199 Mannheim, while workshops, talks, and meditations are held at Rheingoldhall rheingoldstr 215, 68199, Mannheim

Florence, Italy

For Florence information contact Sabine +39 335 6288804 or by email

Past Events

These are some of the recent events from 2016 and 2017. 


(Unless Otherwise Stated)

Private Session or Phone/Skype Session: $150

Traditional Shamanic Healing Session: $595 for 90-minutes (plus preparation time)

Workshop: $225

Healer Training - Basic Levels 1-4: $596*

Healer Training Level 5: $792*

*There is a special discounted rate for prepaying Healer Training Levels 1-5

Healing Meditation: $35

Spiritual Enlightenment Through The Unfolding Process: $25

Catedra: Donations From The Heart Are Appreciated


Repeat workshop Attendees:

Every time you repeat a course you grow into higher consciousness and gain spiritual strength while receiving the updated changes Victor receives as consciousness is changing every day.