About Victor Barron

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Shaman, Spiritual Healer, Shaman Teacher, Clairvoyant, and Medium are amongst his spiritual gifts. He has a special gift for accelerating a person’s spiritual growth. At a very early age, Victor’s unconditional love for God awakened a passion within him to help humanity heal itself. God has entrusted him with these special gifts and his ability to see and know beyond the normal limits of our physical senses ( incomprehensible).  He is the author of “Humanity’s Spiritual Plague”, and he has established a school where student’s can practice his principles and learn how to effectively bring healing for their clients. Victor has a strong desire to share his knowledge and wisdom with everyone. His goal has always been to help people establish an unbreakable spiritual foundation and bond with God. Throughout his thirty-five years healing others, he has stressed the importance of humility, integrity and faith in God. Shaman teacher Victor has taught and trained others who share this great need and burning desire to help humanity heal. He teaches his basic principles and provides ongoing training at the Body Mind Spirit Healing Center, the original training ground where it all began. Students from around the world come to experience his training firsthand to accelerate their spiritual development. During their training process, all students will experience continuous healing for themselves as they learn and understand their own God given spiritual gifts.

Get Victor’s Book

A must-read for anyone interested in the spiritual world, Victor's book explains two of the biggest spiritual problems facing humanity today and outlines simple methods of resolving them.

The problem of earthbound spirits has been known around the world since the beginning of time. Ancient cultures have taken care of this problem in their own way.

Today most natural-born healers in every culture perform a little bit of everything. Some natural-born healers have been traditionally-trained while others have never received any formal training. These individuals simply respond to the problem or situation that presents itself.

By learning these simple, step-by-step techniques you will be able to bring about profound healing for the emotional, mental, and physical well-being of those you seek to help.

The book is available in English and Spanish on this website. You can also get it in several other European languages at by contacting the Grandmother Turtle Center in Europe.

* Awarded finalist in the 2004 Independent Publisher Book Awards. There were 2,086 titles entered in the New Age category and only 1 winner and two finalists.