Spiritual Healing

Private Session

Victor calls this fifteen minute session a Spiritual Tune-Up or Reclaiming Your Life. This session consists of cleansing, repairing and removing negative energies (i.e. thought forms, traumas and phobias, from your chakras and aura). Victor petitions God to allow him to remove any negative   spirits and witchcraft and anything that is of God’s will. Afterwards, he will insert your spirit back into your physical body and makes sure you’re in the present time of consciousness. This healing gives you back your freedom of choice and then a  final blessing is given to you. One-hour sessions are also available.

Phone Session

You may receive a phone session healing anywhere in the world. If you wish to have a session, call the office or email for an appointment date. All sessions must be prepaid. The method of payment is paid with a Visa, Mastercard, debit card or bank transfer. These sessions last approximately fifteen minutes. At the beginning of a session, Victor   takes a few moments to speak with you and will ask: "what is your petition to God?" Afterwards, he then will ask you to surrender and the healing will take place.

Proxy (Long distance healing)

Written petitions are scheduled once or twice a month. A complete birth name with date of birth is preferred for the individual who will be receiving healing. Please make your petition short and to the point. The individual who is going to receive the healing does not have to be aware of the healing taking place. Some people need a healing to bring more clarity. They cannot seek help for themselves, are in total denial or do not believe. This healing is your gift of compassion. A photo of the individual is also recommended if available. The photo will not be returned. Once the healing has taken place, a final blessing is given and the photo and petition are offered to God in a burning ceremony.  Please allow thirty days for the healing process to take its course.

Releasing Back Stress for Expectant Mother & Blessing of her Baby

God gave Victor a spiritual blessing to give to expectant mothers. He is able to communicate to the spirit of the unborn baby. He willassist the baby by moving it into the proper position which relieves the mother’s back stress. She will feel the baby lifting into her ribcage and experience a feeling of security and tightness in her body.

Spiritual Baptisms and Weddings

Spiritual baptisms and weddings are beautiful. A special spiritual ceremony is performed. Victor goes into a trance and receives from God what is to be given to you. Each ceremony is unique and is only done in person.