Spiritual Healing Meditations

Spiritual Enlightment with the Unfolding Process

A Path To Higher Consciousness

The Unfolding process is an ancient way of leaving behind all negative human tendencies. You will be able to discern between high and low frequency spirits and experience a spiritual massage on your physical body. Your inner truth will be amplified to give you the opportunity to change for your higher good. As a result, the Unfoldingprocess allows you to growto higher levels of consciousness so that you can eventually work with spiritual guides of high frequency who arein God’s consciousness.

Spiritual Healing Meditations

These meditations are very special. They give healing in many levels: emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. The meditations may bring a strong detox and cleansing in regards to people’s negativehumantendencies. Changes can occur immediately after the meditations, within a few days or even weeks later. Most individuals tend to agree that alightness within is experienced. For those wishing to grow in consciousness, these meditations are highly recommended.

Here are a few healing meditations:

  • Healing Your Mind
  • Soul Protection
  • Open Your Heart
  • From Birth to Present
  • Soul Awareness (Be Your Best Friend)
  • How to Quiet Your Mind
  • Balancing Your Feminine & Masculine Self
  • Removal of Cellular Negative Human Tendencies
  • Removing the Mask of Fear
  • Awakening Your Clairvoyance
  • Astral Travel
  • Origin
  • Clearing Our Imperfections
  • Spiritual Healing  - Group Session

This is a spiritual group session healing. You will be asked to write a petition to God for your personal needs. You will be prepared by staffto relaxand put yourself in a meditative state so that your heart be open and ready to receive whatever may be of God’s will. Victor will be in a trance as the healings is taking place. The group healing session usually last approximately one hour.

Spiritual Service (Catedra)

This is a special service in which Victor is the instrument of God in which Victor channels God’s word or whatever be of God’s divine guidance. During the service, you may receive healings, answers to your   questions and blessings. A feeling of lightness, happiness and peace is felt to the core of your being. It’s an experience that gives you hope, guidance, inner strength and peace. This service is offered once a year and on special occasions.