Workshops & Training

Victor teaches his healer training programs at The Body Mind Spirit Healing center in Whittier, California, as well as in Europe and on the East Coast of the USA.

His multi-year healer training programs take you from the very basics of spiritual healing work up to advanced levels where you will work at the Highest Levels of Consciousness to do many different types of healing for those you wish to help.

All of Victor’s workshops and trainings are described below. To find out what is coming up this year, click here to check his Calendar.

Basic Healer Training Levels 1-5

The basic healer training levels begin with fundamental skills that all spiritual and energy healers need, including spiritual hygiene, hands-on healing techniques, and working with your Guardian Angel. They then develop you quickly into working with powerful spiritual healing methods that remove strong, dark energies and spirits from your clients, and you’ll receive training to work with different spiritual tools and with Spirit Guides. During each level you’ll also receive several healings for yourself in order to help to open and prepare you for spiritual healing work.

Intermediate Healer Training Levels 1-6

The intermediate healer training levels build on top of the basic levels by teaching you 45 different healing methods to help your clients with specific situations that your clients will come to you with. You’ll also learn to work with the fourth dimension and to perform Traditional Shamanic Healings, cleanse homes and businesses, and work with the Spirit of Nature. Additionally, you’ll receive many powerful spiritual healings for yourself such as cleansing of your bloodline, centering and coming home to God, and reconnecting yourself with nature.

Advanced Healer Training Levels 1-7

After completing your basic and intermediate training you will be eligible to apply to join an advanced group and spend 7-10 years continuing to train and develop yourself to work at the Highest Levels of Consciousness. During this time you will go through a period of spiritual growth and cleansing and learn many different methods of spiritual healing.

A few photographs of Victor's Workshops

There are several different healing tools that you will be able to use to help heal people and clear spaces. Each tool has a special spiritual purpose. Special training and anointments from Victor are required to use each one to the Highest Level.

Daylong Workshops

For those who wish to increase their knowledge and deepen their spiritual journey but do not wish to pursue healer training, Victor offers several daylong workshops.

Grounding Yourself Workshop   

Does everything stick to you? Learn to meditate correctly, learn to cut cords, avoid feeling spacey and open 24 hours, connect and ground yourself to reality. 

Respect God, Yourself and Nature healing course

In this workshop you will learn that everything has a Divine Spirit that we are interrelated and when you are out of balance you no longer respect yourself, God and nature. You will also receive several healings, from Mother Nature, your soul and from your physical heart.

Bloodline healing

Many of us have unwanted negative human tendencies, behavior patterns, and defects in body mind and spirit that have been passed down by our ancestors through our bloodline.  This healing workshop will change your life forever by liberating you from all of these problems in your bloodline, freeing you and your future generations from carrying them. 

Centering And Coming Home To God

This healing course is a very teaching and a day of profound healing.

It gives you the opportunity to release many negative human tendencies, while helping you grow into higher consciousness and centering yourself back to God.

Spirit of Poor Money Healing

The spirit of poor money healing is a must-do for everyone who wants to manifest financial prosperity.

Many of us carry with us the "spirit of poor money" from other lifetimes, where we lost our divine claim to have enough - and more than enough - which is God's Will for all of His children.

During this day of intense healing you will:

  1. Go through a process of cleansing and healing yourself of unworthiness and non-deserving issues, which help block you from having prosperity

  2. Learn how to ask God for your treasure (instead of the negative tendency of trying to manipulate it from the world)

  3. Know within yourself that it is a Divine right and blessing to have plenty and more than enough.

  4. Clearing all past life issues that are blocking your prosperity in the present and in the future

This is a MAJOR opportunity for spiritual growth that will help you manifest the physical prosperity in your life that you need!

Embrace Yourself and Meet Your Guardian Angel

The Guardian Angel Workshop is designed for everyone. In this beautiful healing process you will experience a deep connection, a gift from God, your Angel. Through a series of healing meditations and burning ceremonies, you will release negative emotions,self-sabotaging, self-denial, and limitations you have put on yourself. Once the purification process has ended, the interactive exercises will reinforce your trust and communication with your Beloved Guardian Angel.

Soul Attunement Workshop

In this workshop you will receive an intensive healing. After the healing, your energy field will increase seventy five to one hundred times greater. This energy field will now protect you from negative forces and many emotional imbalances that you encounter in your daily life. Once you have learned to increase your energy field, you will experience total balance within all consciousness.

The Miracle Of A Spiritual Healing

In this workshop, Victor will introduce what is “The Miracle of a True Spiritual Healing Session”. He will answer many questions to bring more clarity and understanding. He will explain the different things that occur during a spiritual healing session.

What can you expect to receive from this healing?

Why do we need a spiritual healing session?

How can it help you in today's life style and stresses?

Do all healers have the ability to give you a spiritual healing?

What is the difference between the healers?

Does the healer need to believe in God?

The Magic Of Crystals

This crystal workshop will give you the wisdom, understanding and the skills to work with crystals without causing harm to yourself or others.

Women’s Value

In this workshop you will be re-introduced to your many positive virtues and strengths. You will remember, accept and understand that you are the greatest creation that God created. You are the giver of life and mother to humanity. The female energy must hold on to their dignity and self respect in order to be honored, feel great and to have everything they wish in life. This workshop consist of receiving healing in regards to negative human tendencies and weaknesses such as non- deserving, unworthiness, victimhood and resentment. At the end of this workshop, you will experience a feeling of freedom.