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Shamanic Spiritual Retreat

  • La Jolla Indian Campground Pauma Valley, California USA (map)

A Special Event

Join us for another life-changing event with

Victor Barron,

Shaman Whirling Wind

Shamanic Spiritual Retreat

A journey of healing and transformation away from everyday life

at La Jolla Indian Campground in Pauma Valley, California

June 7th-10th, 2018

3 nights/4days - donation based

This Shamanic Spiritual Retreat done God's way will be centered on Victor's strong belief in God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and his love for the Blessed Virgin Mary. We say this because this retreat may not be for everyone

During the Shamanic Spiritual Retreat God allows us to experience very beautiful intense Spiritual healings with the Spirit of Mother Earth, the Spirit of Fire and Frankincense, the Spirit of the River, and the Spirit of the Sacred Sweat Lodge.

Mother Earth Healing

The first healing you will receive is called the “Mother Earth Spiritual Healing” this cleansing gives you the opportunity with the help of Mother Earth to be free emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically of everything that no longer serves you. God’s will be done!

As you lay on your back in the sacred circle and undergo the process of forgiveness, you will start to sense and feel Mother Earth cleansing you on all levels as she pulls and draws out from you many of your negative human tendencies and weaknesses, traumas, phobias, pains, hurts, and all negative energies.

Once the cleansing has been done, you will experience the nurturing and embracement of Mother Earth. This is a feeling of pureness and oneness with intense feelings of harmony, peace and the love of God, the Great Spirit.

Circle of Life Healing

In the Sacred Circle of Life Healing, once you are blessed and allowed to enter with God’s blessings, Mother Earth will help us to experience one, five or as many as God allows.

In some lifetimes you will have the opportunity to see and receive many positive experiences which can serve you in this present lifetime. Of course, you may also see negative past lifetime experiences, this awareness will give you the understanding to see why your life is as it is (traumas, phobias or and other negative behaviors).

When you encounter this negative experience, the secret is to love and forgive yourself with all sincerity allowing that lifetime to be put to rest, ending that life cycle in a positive way. This will give you the strength and courage to move forward in this lifetime without excess baggage weighing upon you.

This spiritual healing between three to five hours.

Spiritual Sweat Lodge Healing God’s Way 

This will be done twice during the retreat.

The is a once in a lifetime chance to be purified on all levels. With God’s guidance and Victor’s wisdom of the Spiritual world along with his spiritual strength, he is protecting everyone in the Sacred Sweat Lodge while simultaneously Victor is continuously doing spiritual healings the entire time that you are going through the process. 

In the wound of Mother Earth where creation is born, this is where you get reborn as you shed the old you and the new you, is born. Only then, when you are cleansed on all levels, can you receive a vision, message or guidance from the spiritual world and God. This rebirth of your new self (will change your life in many positive ways) with growth in your consciousness, illumination and enlightenment by the Holy Spirit.

Other Details

Cost includes ride by vans to Campground, food, water and all healings. We will lend tents and sleeping bags to those flying in on a first to register and pay basis. Tents will house 2 people. Showers will be available at a walking distance from the campground and we will also run people over periodically in the vans.

Vans will accommodate 12-15 people, we will meet at the Body, Mind and Spirit Healing Center in Whittier CA, leaving by 9.30am to take everyone over to the site where the retreat will be held. If you want to drive on your own it is about a 2-hour drive from Whittier, CA and you will have to pay the daily rate of $35 for parking.

Details on what to bring and how to dress will be provided once you register. For other questions and for more information contact Cecilia at 714-595-6653.



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